The bedroom needn’t be restricted to rest, a properly crafted bedroom can be a multifunctional oasis of respite; luxurious and indulgent.

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Bedroom Design Sydney – Groth & Sons

Bedrooms often get relegated to secondary rooms, as they are not often seen, however, I believe as much attention to detail should be spent here as all the other rooms in the home, this is so much more than just a place to sleep and offers every opportunity for a little theatre and glamour. A carefully planned and executed bedroom can rid the space of clutter; disorder introduces the stress element, definitely not required in this room, it should be a zone for calm and repose. A place to surround yourself with some of your favored things, I have one of my much loved art pieces hung on the wall at the foot of my bed, it’s the first thing I see in the morning and always gets me off to a good start to the day: it could be your favourite photographs or any other treasured possessions. The principal piece of furniture in this room is the bed itself, the primary concern being one of comfort but also of importance is style and size, as this is usually the dominant feature. It should be as large and as comfortable as possible, draped with the best linen that one can afford, sleeping in very good quality sheets really does make the experience much more special. The same goes for the guest bedroom, make your invitees stay as shamelessly indulgent as possible, a selection of light reading or art books for your visitors is not only a thoughtful gesture but a reliable way of dressing the room.

Dresser in Architectural Tin  finish by Groth & Sons

Groth and Sons Bedroom Cabinet in Architectural Tin Finish

The minute you walk through the door you should feel a little bit special.

Beds can be a strong focal point and come in all styles and finishes but you can also build –in and make part of the fabric of the interior. This option allows for storage solutions within the base of the cabinetry. A bedroom filled with wainscoting or wall paneling adds to the luxury and intimacy, paneling adds depth and richness to bare walls, and can even line the walls above with wallpaper or fabric panels. Integrated cabinetry and shelving can display personal and treasured items as well as accommodate your bedroom storage needs. If space is not a problem you may consider comfy chairs or even a small sofa, and if space is abundant consider the adjoining room as your ensuite or walk-in robe and dressing room. Built-in robes provide order to any bedroom but designed well add architectural integrity, and ultimately, are a sound investment.

This is a room where good daylight and ventilation is required, so make the windows an important part of the interior space. Natural morning light is ideal but as for artificial light bright light is not usually required, except for the possibility of dressing and task lighting should be provided for reading. Various light sources can be built into custom made cabinetry or directly into ceiling and bulkheads for task and ambient purposes. Window treatments should be considered, flowing drapery softens an environment and a useful way to add texture and colour. Wall-to-wall carpet, unlike other rooms in the house, works very well here, offering sheer comfort and is not subject to high traffic, soft underfoot – definitely a no-shoe area.

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