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Cabinet Minister: Amos Groth, Sydney Cabinet Maker

Cabinet minister – Amos is a man on a mission: don’t let technology take over your life. He’s here to spread the word. Amos Groth is a bespoke cabinet maker on a crusade. An extremely affable Brit, he is an unlikely warrior in his self-declared battle against technology. Quite simply put, he doesn’t like the […]

How to Choose an Interior Designer - Groth and Sons

Interior Design – How to Choose an Interior Designer

Why choose an interior designer? Would you commission the services of an interior designer purely because you are… “Out to impress”or to “produce the quintessential show home”, or is it more to assess the potential of your home or office in terms of space and function, to create mood, or maybe add a dash of […]


Coming up Tromps! Custom cabinetry for the ultimate home library

The latest finished project from Groth & Sons is a fifty eight square meter space functioning as a residential library and  music room, complete with a Secret door, but please don’t tell everybody, after all, it is secret……. well at least the door is. Custom Design & Cabinetry Groth & Sons, the Sydney custom cabinetry […]

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Sustainability and furniture design: breaking the cycling

A disturbing trend It’s no secret that we currently live in a society with a disposable culture. Every year in the Greater Sydney environs our council clean-ups alone, sees the dumping of nearly 50,000 tonnes of used furniture; sofas, armchairs, bookshelves etc. approximately 65% of which is mass-produced wooden furniture. This type of furniture may […]

Groth & Sons Classical-breakfronted bookcase

What have the Romans ever given us… interior designers?

What have the Romans ever given us?………… All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever given us? During a Christmas catch up an old friend reminded me of this classic line that we all recall from Monty […]