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Built in bookcases to entrance hall

Built in bookcases to entrance hall

One of our most common possessions are our trusted books, and not only do they reflect the makeup of their owners, they are a very reliable way of adding colour and curiosity to an interior. Books furnish a room, infuse personality and style, so demand a suitable area for their display. You may not have sufficient volumes to start your own library and indeed space may be at a premium, but Groth & Sons will be able to tailor your every need. Built in bookshelves can line the walls of an entire study but can be equally at home in a dining room, in the kitchen, up a stairwell, down a hallway, above a door, under a desk, we are only limited by our imaginations. Custom bookcases may not be for the sole storage of tomes but may also accommodate a CD collection, audio-visual equipment, a drinks cabinet or house any manner of belongings. Groth & sons supply custom made bookcases that incorporate secret doors, plan drawers, bar fridges, T.V.s , safes or  private collections.

The storing of books need not be directly on hand; bookcases can be built in hard to get to spaces, old books are like old friends and do not need to be accessed regularly, it is comforting knowing that they are there when required. Floor to ceiling built in bookshelves really do create a mood, the loftier the better and when access is necessary they can be reached by the addition of a library ladder, this adds to the intrigue and the addition of such a valuable accessory creates a unique theme and as well as being utilitarian they offer a very aesthetic design element.

In the photo on the right Groth & Sons have created useful built in bookshelves to an entrance hall, an area which is often neglected. Not only does this provide clever storage, it adds interest and sets the tone for what’s to come, it also creates a strong visual transitional zone, drawing visitors through the space. Additional storage is provided behind the custom bookcases concealing less attractive household possessions . The provision of brass rail and hardwood library ladder not only add an interesting design element but also offer easy access to those hard to reach areas.

Bookcases don’t necessarily need to be the ubiquitous library shelving arrangement but can be a series of niches or of a construction which gives the appearance of apertures. Initiating the advice of a design consultant can be a very rewarding experience, allowing you to explore design possibilities, play with scale and proportion and create bespoke storage solutions. The choice of materiality, fixtures and finishes can vary enormously too, working with a designer can reveal design options than could be potentially overlooked. The design process also eliminates the chance of any costly mistakes that may not have been considered at the concept stage, the more time spent on design resolution, the greater the end result. Built-in bookcases need not be for the sole purpose of book storage but are a great place to mix up objet d’art, treasured pieces and curiosities, the bookcases being the backdrop to the whole collection creating atmosphere and decoration. Built in bookcases have the ability to enhance and influence the structure of an internal space as well as being a great approach to encourage the habit of reading in areas used for other forms of domestic activity. Statistics show that children surrounded by books when they are growing up are far more likely to go on to be good and avid readers.