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In the top ten of the world’s most expensive metropolises, Sydney is the most populous city in Australia, as well as its financial and economic hub. It is a thriving design hub is and its residents are discerning consumers demanding high quality, and are very much appreciative of professional service, sound advice and quality workmanship.

In terms of cabinet making, Sydney siders are becoming more astute, embracing the philosophy of doing a job properly, using specialists to enhance the way they live in, and use their space. Considerate of finish and not afraid to embrace imaginative and engaging design, they are moving away from trends and the latest fads preferring designs that are timeless and responsive both aesthetically and practically, and most importantly adding value to their much-loved residences. Therefore, when embarking on the selection of the team to take on your next interior architecture design or cabinetry project you should consider the following:

Adding Value

Today’s cabinet makers afford the luxury of the very latest in technology, in the form of state-of-the-art machinery, modern-day fixings , adhesives and the choice of materials has never been greater. Coupled with the very latest fittings and gadgetry; soft-close this, hydraulic that,…. You’d be thinking that we’ve never had it so good. However, it is all very well in having these technological advancements, but if you are not using the equivalent up-to-date design skills then the overall project is not necessarily beneficial.

Like any other profession, in order for the cabinet maker – come designer, to acquire a masterly knowledge of their craft, and the skills required to excel, they must undergo thorough training. These skills are learnt through many years of exhaustive investigation, implementation, and practise. An extensive skills base can only be achieved through a long and varied working life, an inquisitive nature and a strong passion to succeed.

For those familiar with the  ‘Ten thousand hour theory’ , you will recall that it concludes that no one succeeds at a high level with innate talent alone , but that  achievement comes down to ‘talent plus preparation’. At Groth & Sons, principal Amos Groth has well exceeded the ten thousand hours, in fact, based on his 35 years in the profession that would equate to in excess of seventy thousand hours. After such a long period of working in the industry you could be forgiven for thinking that Amos maybe getting a little tired of his vocation, but quite the reverse is true, Amos tackles each new project with the zeal and exuberance of a man half his age. Amos Groth offers the unique ability to combine wide-ranging technical skills with in-depth, hands-on experience in providing clients with high quality, value adding, design solutions.His clientele is as varied and extensive as the projects themselves, but the common link is the results. The benefits of using a cabinet making firm with such a vast amount of knowledge, design expertise and passion are clearly evident.

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