Cabinet Making: Why choose a Cabinet Maker who is an Interior Designer

Cabinet making encompasses the Couture end of interior design and nothing compares with custom made cabinetry, it sets the tone of the interior space and can accommodate your every need, but it does come at a cost.  With this in mind it makes a lot of sense to engage the advice and creative vision of a professional cabinet maker who is a qualified interior designer to get the details right first time.

It is so much easier to refine a proposal on the drawing board or a working model than it is to redesign after the event. For instance, to change the choice of timber used is a lot more involved than merely changing a paint tone or the material on your scatter cushions that you didn’t get quite right. When the lacquers dried and your monies spent it can be a very expensive learning experience wishing you had spent more time on the consultation stages of the design process.

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Cabinet Making and Interior design, Sydney

Having a designer that is hands-on can make a huge difference in the value from the multi disciplines involved in the design process. Employing the individual that designs the project, through to completion has many benefits. Firstly the importance of in-house approach, one person takes responsibility for the completed project from inception, rather than multi-trades stepping on each-others toes  with nobody taking control. The benefits of the craftsman / designer goes back centuries resulting in projects exuding the passion and the expertise of the artisan. The multi-disciplinarian is far more likely to be current with the latest technology, materiality and construction techniques and is far more likely to be able to push the envelope in terms of what is conceivable, to add understated visual references.

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