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A collection of books is the mark of a civilised household, and unlike times gone-by, no longer the prerogative of the socially privileged, or the highly educated. In today’s world the possession of books is available to absolutely everybody, and the collections, like their keepers are many and varied, yet always a reflection of their owner’s personality. To paraphrase a cracking tune by Belle and Sebastien, “Our aspirations are wrapped up in Books”, books can entertain us, can inspire us to do great things and can teach us a great many things. Books become our friends, we want to surround ourselves with them because they make us feel good, they comfort us and they nourish our souls.

Built In Bookshelves Sydney

Home Library, Neutral Bay

More and more of us are collecting books in a seemingly irrepressible manner and the custom made bookcases we proudly store them in are increasing in a similar fashion. Whether it be an area in the bedroom, down a hallway or a section of the dining room, bookcases define these spaces and our books are a reminder of our past and of our life’s journeys. These collections are like old friends and we feel secure and comforted when they are around us. We want our books where we can get to them and for those of us that have an entire room free for the purpose, so much the better. Somebody once said that you can learn a lot about a person by observing the contents of their medicine cupboard, the same can be said of their book collections. Possibly no other room in our home articulates their owners personality more than the home library, our collections express our interests, sensitivities and predilections. From a design perspective they are also the most reliable way of adding colour and curiosity to an open space.

Not only is the home library a sophisticated symbol of luxury, it is a tranquil sanctuary in today’s frenzied world. It is a space which is very much multi-functional; the residential library can discreetly double as a home study by skillfully integrating high tech office equipment under the guise of a low tech aesthetic, it can be a quiet retreat for the kids to do their homework or it can create a dramatic yet relaxing hideaway.

Equally as eclectic as the owners and collections, are the shelves and bookcases on which we house our prized possessions. A Home library can be so much more than a series of ready-made freestanding units pushed up against the walls of a room; they can offer ornate built in bookshelves, mirrored walls, integrated lighting, wall paneling and even secret doors. Slick and contemporary or classic period details reflecting your homes architectural heritage, a well-designed home library adorned with built in bookcases is an asset to every household.

built in bookcases sydney

Home Library, Mosmon

A home library should accommodate many factors, it should be both beautiful and useful, an indulgent space, yet welcoming and restful and it should be an area in which is a haven for privacy and individuality. Home libraries are a place where order is required but also exudes the passion of the bibliophile/ collector, or even just reflect the disposition of the avid reader.

Groth & Sons, the bespoke library outfitters, specialise in the design and construction of home libraries and custom bookcases and love every part of the process. They can create the space to house your treasured collection in an environment which is thoughtfully conceived, finely resolved and beautifully executed.

From concept to completion Groth & Sons have a design solution for your collection and space, for your personality, and for your passion for the wonderful world of books, “Groth & Sons wrap your aspirations in bookcases”.