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An ideal home office environment must provide space in which one can concentrate the mind and allow one to get to grips with the task in-hand.

Today more than ever, sees most of us doing at least some work from home, whether it be a small area to take care of the household accounts , a space in which the kids can do their homework efficiently or a full blown home study the array of technology which is required is not small. The equipment required for the home office is growing at an incredible rate, computer screens, printers, scanners, laptops and all the various I-devices on the market today, the list is large, and to be efficient we need a space which is suitable for the task. Whilst it is preferable to have a room of one’s own not all homes provide the luxury of a single space in which to accommodate the home office, maybe there is only enough space to share an area, to utilize an area under a staircase, a corner of the spare bedroom, or do you look into converting an attic or basement?

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Home office by Groth & Sons

home office by Groth & Sons

Home Office by Groth & Sons

Once you have chosen the desired spot the next step is to determine how best to use it. Do you need total privacy to work at your potential or do you benefit by the surroundings of others? Will you be sharing the area with others and will you be visited by clients or suppliers? How much time will you spend in your home office? Obviously if you are using the space for long periods you need an environment which is comfortable as well as functional. Careful consideration must be paid to lighting. Natural lighting being the preferred option, so look at orientating the space to take advantage of good natural light sources wherever possible, complementary light sources need consideration particularly if it is at the stage of a new build. Good Lighting design is paramount.

As well as office design sydneybeing an appropriate zone which can be easily organized , your home office should also mirror your aesthetic values; it should be a joy to work in with the emphasis on “home” rather than “office”. In this room clutter is your enemy, you need a space which is well organized and one in which it is easy to integrate all your paraphernalia, out of sight. In an ideal situation it should be a room which very much disguises its true purpose. The home office which is specifically designed to accommodate all your equipment not only adds value to your property but makes your working day so much more enjoyable, and a lot more efficient. It could be a book filled room or one given a lift by the introduction of wainscot paneling, it should also contain some of your favorite things to make the working day so much more bearable. The innovative designs of Groth & Sons built-in furniture offer ample display storage and clever concealment of 21st C office technology interfaces, creating spaces that make time spent here more enjoyable, more efficient and therefore more productive.

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