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Today’s kitchen is more than just a space to prepare dinner, it is the heart of the home because of its sociable functions, a nod to the medieval banqueting hall with a modern twist.

A well designed and comfortable kitchen is one of the greatest attributes to a good life and happy household. It is the social hub, the think tank, a provider of nourishment and pleasure. As well as being utilitarian it should also be a creative and stimulating space, properly conceived and well executed it is a space that can have a major effect on our life quality. Groth & Sons approach kitchen design with the same whimsical aesthetic while respecting the practical nature of this focal space to result in a harmony of utility, functionality and form.

An unfitted alternative

Groth & Sons can provide you with a slick ultra-modern designed kitchen with all the bells and whistles, however, if the sleek modern day finish is not the look you are after and space is not at a premium then Groth and Sons can provide you with an innovative alternative, in the form of unfitted kitchen cabinetry. These bespoke pieces are designed with your specific needs in mind but also with a more eclectic approach in terms of the overall design narrative. The choice of finishes is many and varied and can be built in an assortment of materials thus culminating in a series of tailor-made furniture items. The choice of bench tops range from recycled timbers, and man-made or natural stones you could even have a bespoke butcher block top made to your requirements.

The benefits of this bespoke service is to provide clients with furniture items with a strong emphasis on character whilst offering the very best in storage  componentry, such as soft close drawers and integrated storage. Furniture pieces can be manufactured to incorporate kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and utility drawers, the innovative designs of Groth & Sons cabinetry offer contemporary storage with ingenious concealment and interface of all modern technology.

Kitchen interior design Sydney

Freestanding kitchen cabinet in aged finish with reclaimed timber top

An unfitted kitchen allows you to treat the space like you would any other furniture-filled room, with more flexibility than a fully fitted Kitchen, you can re-arranged your furniture items over time if required, whether to modify your storage needs or just to play around with the narrative of the space. An unfitted kitchen offers more drama than its fitted counterpart; it allows a more opulent approach as it permits the occupier to add their decorative flourishes providing a more personalized and therefore more intimate space. The modern day fitted kitchen came about through necessity more than anything, to compact as much stuff as possible into a limited area of space and to utilize every nook and cranny, that’s why we usually have cabinetry running up the walls and all over the place. An unfitted kitchen shows a lot more restraint and is more about the ability to furnish a room, to open-up an area and to create a more welcoming and comfortable environment.

If you are considering a kitchen makeover you can be assured that like any other Groth & Sons project the design process will be strategic, innovative and skilfully implemented.