Set Dressing & Replica Book Panels

False book ends by Groth & Sons

False book ends by Groth & Sons

A set dressers delight

Groth & Sons have a range of set dressing props for hire, theatrical busts, plinths, library ladders and Objet d’art, they also has a range of display book panels for rental. These exquisite replica book panels are precision printed in fastidious detail to replicate the quality and patina of authentic leather, vellum and cloth spines in a variety of designs. These false book spines can be used on your next movie set, within the film and television industries. They can also be used on theatre sets, retail displays, for property styling or merely as decorative shelf fillers for your next photo shoot.

Light weight for easy logistics

They are a 3-dimensional product which very much offers a life-like quality and when dispersed with a few real books you cannot tell them apart, the effect is quite astonishing. Production designers and set decorators love the flexibility that this unique product provides, they are extremely lightweight, and because a set comprises of eight pieces which stack neatly inside each other- rather like the Russian nesting dolls – they take up very little space in terms of volume so are very easy to transport and carry; Groth & Sons Replica book panels equate to over ten times the volume of the real book alternative making them a “No Brainer” from a logistical point of view. Access to the original antiquarian volumes is also difficult and expensive in terms of the insurance costs that any true bibliophile would have in place to insure the safe transportation of their treasured volumes, it is also incredibly difficult to find that amount of volumes, of such intricate detailing, for rental purposes. Because of the unique construction of this product it makes for a much faster set up time saving the production team both time and money.

replica book spines for rental

Replica book spines for rental by Groth & Sons

These handsomely made pieces are also a fraction of the weight of real books which is not only a big plus in terms of transportation but also a big advantage when constructing temporary theatre sets as the construction methods need not be so robust. These faux book panels can produce walls of exquisite colour and interest in a very short period of time creating the illusion of a real library with a selection of classic titles penned by the likes of Shakespeare, Milton, Byron, Ruskin, Dickens, Pepys, Browning , plus many more and giving the appearance of a collection just taken from an antiquarian book lovers fantasy, each volume looking like it was hand-tooled by a master bookbinder of yester year.

The Groth & Sons replica books on the right are used in a library scene to create to warmth and ambience of a traditional Gentleman’s library from a bygone era. These beautifully made items are very easy to store and transport, 3.3meters of display book panels packs up to an area of only 475mm x 310mm x 250mm and are extremely lightweight.

Replica Book Panels 3 - Groth and Sons

Replica Book Panels by Groth and Sons printed in exquisite detail

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