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Decorative Timber Wall Panelling, Groth and Sons Sydney

Decorative Timber Wall Panelling by Groth and Sons

Wall panelling has the ability to fundamentally change an interior; it adds architectural integrity and enhances existing design elements. Executed well it creates rhythm and warmth and sets the primary tone of an interiors architectural structure. Made up of various components including; skirting boards, skirting-blocks, architraves, stiles, rails and dado rails, if designed correctly, wall panelling is capable of manipulating scale and proportion, generating atmosphere and an indulgent and sophisticated sensitivity. The creative designer can transform an interior to enrich and inspire the way in which we interact with our environment.

As well as anchoring a design scheme wall panelling increases character, sparks interest and is a dependable method of creating divergence within a space. Whether through materiality, tone or texture wainscoting offers a great many design and decorating options. For instance, the use of stretched fabric panels above the wainscot panels generates richness and warmth as well in addition to providing a degree of sound proofing and thermal insulation.

hallway wall panelling

Hallway Timber Panelling

In older houses this is also a reliable way of disguising any visual imperfections within the buildings structure which maybe the result of rising damp, lateral damp or movement of the building over time. Similar aesthetics may be achieved through the use of wallpapering or decorative painting and glazing techniques.

Used In conjunction with a collection of artworks or photographs above wall panelling evokes a sensation of rhythm, established by pattern, line, form, texture and colour. These patterns and spatial intervals are very useful design tools when it comes to transitional zones, for example, a hallway or foyer where the requirement is to induce movement inside a particular area, this is used to great effect in gallery spaces. Whether used throughout an entire building, neglected in secondary spaces, used to chair rail height  or adorning a complete room, wall paneling and wainscoting offers the foundation of good interior design, it directs movement within a space adds character and very much adds that sense of integrity to the skeleton of a building. It can also play on those horizontal site lines which visually make the space feel longer. Used in combination with contrasting colours it brings an interior space to life, adding that sense of drama and refined, elegant ambience.

Timber Bedroom Wall Panelling - Groth and Sons

Timber Wainscot Bedroom Wall Panelling

Care must be taken and consideration made to the condition of surfaces onto which the paneling is to be applied. There may be moisture barriers in place such as’ tanking’ and this must be dealt with in an appropriate manner otherwise it could lead to very costly repairs. We live in the age of the home handyman and watch every conceivable TV shows explaining the latest home makeovers, and whilst this is an admirable pursuit, this really is something that needs to be carried out by specialist consultants and tradespeople. Wall paneling can consist of existing skirting boards with applied panel molding and dado rails or for a more complex and detailed aesthetic it can be designed to have a more three dimensional quality, again advice should be sort by a trained professional as this can impede any surface that requires the need to breath.