Cabinet Minister: Amos Groth, Sydney Cabinet Maker

Cabinet minister – Amos is a man on a mission: don’t let technology take over your life. He’s here to spread the word.

Amos Groth is a bespoke cabinet maker on a crusade. An extremely affable Brit, he is an unlikely warrior in his self-declared battle against technology. Quite simply put, he doesn’t like the sight of it. He equates electronic gadgetry with clutter and is of the belief that electronics should “Serve but not be seen”. And it seems his war cry has already been embraced in Sydney’s suburbs where the company Groth & Sons is making its mark by masking technology in traditional trapping.

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Groth & Sons Cabinet making Sydney

“The best way to manage technology is by giving it a home; otherwise it tends to dominate a room, not to mention our lives,” he says. “You’re unlikely to unwind in your study or library with a computer and its componentry staring you in the face, or to have a quality conversation in the family room with the distraction of a large television screen – on or off.”

Revelling in the challenge of tasteful and discreet storage solutions that combine the functional requirements of technology while maintaining aesthetic appeal, Groth fights the technological home invasion with cabinetry designs that incorporate illusion, hidden compartments, concealed doors and even a little tromp l’oeil. “With space often at a premium it’s a thrilling challenge to create a multifunctional room by manipulating its space, so that everything can be hidden away practically to establish a welcoming environment,” he says.

Computers and clunky printers that once dominated desktops are now cleverly concealed – yet virtually float out of their hiding space when coaxed by nothing more than a finger’s touch – to give his clients the choice between functional office and relaxed room. While an aversion to showcasing technology is not unusual amongst designers what sets Groth apart is the way in which this is achieved.

Drawing from his English upbringing in the historical North Yorkshire town of York, and his restoration carpentry apprenticeship in some of London’s grandest homes (he still loves to roll up his sleeves and construct hands-on) Groth’s designs are varied; they may take a nod from the classical world, have a Gothic influence or even look very much at home on a ‘Star Trek’ set- whatever the style you can be assured it will be much considered. “I love taking the traditional and being imaginative with it,” says Groth. What clearly differentiates him from other cabinet makers in Sydney is his interior design skills, rather than dispersing furniture pieces throughout the room it’s about creating an atmosphere that flows from room to room, whatever the vantage point.

He also likes to add dash of theatre, to his pieces with cornices, pedestals and handmade profile moulding, but it is his attention to finishing details which have won him high praise. ‘I love building a piece and making it appear aged and inestimable by adding subtle textures,” he explains. The resulting fixtures are clean and crisp but not without character. In fact they very much reflect Groth’s personality: fervent, yet discreet and distinguished.

Amos Groth can be contacted on 0419 408 988 or drop him an email :